The Revenue Renewal Company™

Revanew Partners is the premiere middle-market revenue growth consultancy in the country. We help middle-market companies achieve predictable and sustainable revenue growth. It is our belief that a continued commitment to revenue growth is the very lifeblood of the middle-market enterprise. Utilizing our proven Revenue Renewal Services™ methodology, we help companies that have slowed, stalled or retreated on the revenue front to once again achieve predictable and sustainable top-line revenue growth.

Engineering Growth Back Into Your Business Plan™

Our research shows that growth-inhibiting operating patterns are inevitable for middle-market companies. Strategic initiative gives way to tactical execution, aggressive risk profile gives way to conservative approach, break-out thinking gives way to standard industry practice, operating issues take center stage and creative focus and energy for growth are slowly extricated from the business. Our mission is to help you expose and dismantle these operating patterns, free the business from operational restraints, reestablish an aggressive revenue growth mindset and literally engineer growth back into your business plan.

Revenue Renewal … Science, Method and Strategy

Our Revenue Renewal Services™ are about holistic revenue renewal actions for your business. Actions based on science, method and strategy … not art, hope and tactics. When formulating revenue renewal actions we consider a wide range of factors …

Executive Focus
Industry Dynamics
Opportunity Clarification
Global Marketplace Influence
Core Competency Analysis
Sales Competency Deployment
Growth Psychology
Leadership Psychology
History of Growth
Replicability of Growth
Growth Stakeholder Influence
Sustainable Results

Our research shows that middle-market companies tend to take on growth initiatives in a very tactical fashion. Investments of time and money are made in one-time events that are directed at the sales function …

Sales Training
Sales Recruiting
Sales Methodologies
Motivational Speakers
Team Building Exercises
Compensation Plan Adjustments
Sales Leadership Changes
Prospecting Techniques
Pipeline Management Tools
Customer Relationship Tools
Negotiating Skills Workshops
Account Mgt Techniques

While these events are viable tools and often provide a burst of energy and focus in the short term, they rarely produce predictable and sustainable revenue growth over the long haul.