Revanew Partners has completely reenergized our firm around the idea of growth.
Alan Wood
Principal, Dillon Corporate Services


These guys have earned the respect of many, many companies and executives over the years. They shoot straight, tell you what you need to hear, build the plan for growth and then actually make it happen.
Bill Allen
President, OrTech Corporation

Our company was launched on an amazing growth ride by Stan and the team he assembled at ePartners.
Dan Duffy
President, ePartners


I have worked with these folks at several stops along the way in my career. They have brought an energy and a focus for growth to middle-market companies that is truly unique. If you look at where they have been the results speak for themselves.
Daniel Wu
Partner, Deloitte Consulting

These guys have delivered results in the middle market for years. They are a trusted partner that brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge to the subject of accelerated growth.
Wade Nicolas
President, Enkitec


Every business owner I know needs to hear Revanew’s thoughts on growth-inhibiting operating patterns. The patterns you slip into when you have been successful for so many years. It may be the single most important realization in our getting to the next level.
Mark Wischmeyer
President, Wischmeyer Financial