Proven Methodology

Our proven Revenue Renewal Services™ methodology … designed to expose and dismantle growth-inhibiting operating patterns, free the business from operational restraints, reestablish an aggressive revenue growth mindset and literally engineer growth back into your business plan … consists of the following separate but sequential service modules:

    Module I
    Your Growth Opportunity Assessment :: (60 Day Engagement)

    Revanew Partners works with you and your team to conduct a thorough assessment of your company’s true opportunity for growth. During this assessment phase, Revanew Partners delves into 12 specific growth enhancing and/or inhibiting areas, touching on an average of 40 unique topics within each area to develop a Revenue Renewal Analytics™ report that is comprised of over 500 revenue related metrics. These metrics are then individually mapped against an Opportunity Profile that highlights the areas of greatest reward in the shortest period of time to produce a comprehensive Growth Opportunity Assessment for your business.

    Module II
    Your Growth Opportunity Capture Plan :: (60 Day Engagement)

    Revanew Partners works with you and your team to develop the plan for capturing your company’s growth opportunity. During this planning phase, Revanew Partners maps each one of the 500+ elements of your Growth Opportunity Assessment on a ‘scale of opportunity’ vs. a ‘likelihood of execution’ set of axes to develop a Growth Opportunity Achievement Matrix. This matrix is then mapped against a Growth Profile that compares and contrasts varying degrees of risk/reward tolerance levels to produce a comprehensive Growth Opportunity Capture Plan for your business.

    Module III
    Your Revenue Renewal Execution & Realization :: (18 Month Engagement)

    Revanew Partners works with you and your team to execute and realize renewed growth for your company. During this execution and realization phase, Revanew Partners places dedicated engineers on the ground alongside your management team. Execution of the Growth Opportunity Capture Plan is launched, continuous improvement sampling and adjustment techniques are applied, failing initiatives are culled and successes are replicated. Renewed growth becomes a reality and the dynamics of attracting new talent, new stakeholders and new opportunities begin to work in the growing company’s favor. The growing firm is creating jobs, extending career paths, establishing stability in employee’s lives and positively impacting communities. The growing firm is influential in its chosen industries, in its financial relationships and in its stakeholder dealings. The growing firm, by realizing predictable and sustainable top-line results, is in control of its own destiny once again.